Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Code-first process modeling and analysis with kalasim

Understand and optimize real-world processes at ease

kalasim is a discrete event simulator written in pure Kotlin that enables complex, performant, dynamic process models. It provides a statically typed API, dependency injection, modern persistence, structured logging and automation capabilities.

kalasim is designed for simulation practitioners, process analysts and industrial engineers, who need to go beyond the limitations of existing simulation tools to model and optimize their business-critical use-cases. In contrast to many other simulation tools, kalasim is neither low-code nor no-code. It is code-first to enable change tracking, scaling, refactoring, CI/CD, unit-tests, and the rest of the gang that makes simulation development fun.

In the talk, we will learn about its core concepts and study several examples from different application domains.


Photo of Holger Brandl Holger Brandl