Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Accepted developer rooms

We are pleased to announce the developer rooms that will be organised at FOSDEM 2022.

Developer rooms are assigned to self-organising groups to work together on open source projects, to discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community, etc. The individual developer room organisers will issue their calls for participation in the next few days. The list below will be updated accordingly.

Topic Call for Participation
Ada CfP
Apache OpenOffice CfP
Collaboration and Content Management CfP
Computer Aided Modeling and Design CfP
Conference Organisation CfP
Containers CfP
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment CfP
Dart and Flutter CfP
Declarative and Minimalistic Computing CfP
Distributions CfP
Embedded, Mobile and Automotive CfP
Emulator Development CfP
FOSS on Mobile Devices CfP
Free Software Radio CfP
Friends of OpenJDK CfP
Geospatial CfP
Go CfP
Graphics CfP
Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing CfP
HPC, Big Data, and Data Science CfP
Infra Management CfP
JavaScript CfP
Kotlin CfP
Legal and Policy Issues CfP
Libre-Open VLSI and FPGA CfP
LibreOffice Technology CfP
MariaDB Server CfP Foundation & Community CfP
Microkernel and Component-based OS CfP
Monitoring and Observability CfP
Mozilla CfP
Network CfP
Nim Programming Language CfP
Open Research Tools and Technologies CfP
Open Source Design CfP
Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader CfP
PostgreSQL CfP
Public Code CfP
Python CfP
Raku CfP
Retrocomputing CfP
Safety and Open Source CfP
Software composition and dependency management CfP
Software Defined Storage CfP
Testing and Automation CfP
Valgrind CfP
Virtualization and IaaS CfP
Web3 Infrastructure CfP