Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Devroom Managers Manual

Please help keeping this manual up to date, sources are on github!

Key dates

Devroom expectations

To be updated for the 2022 online event


FOSDEM uses the devroom-manager mailing list for communications with the people who are organising devrooms. Please make sure you read this list and keep the messages for reference.

The FOSDEM Devrooms team can be contacted using Please try to remember to send individual requests to that address and keep this devroom-manager mailing list for messages and discussion that may be of interest to other devrooms.

Secondly, we create mail aliases <room> that provide a convenient way for us to contact each other, for example to discuss moving proposed talks between devrooms. Note that these alias expansions also include Again, please make sure you read those messages.

Thirdly, we can create additional mailing lists for devrooms to use either for a wider team of organisers or for visitors and these may be public or private.

Devroom managers

Each devroom needs to send to the list of the pentabarf account names of any room organisers who need to be granted access.

Devrooms managers list can be track on the devroom managers report:

Devroom managers status grant access to:

Before the event

Call for Participation / call for papers

Devrooms issue a Call for Papers.

We can also make adjustments to the names of devrooms at this early stage - particularly if related proposals got combined or you want to emphasise some little change of focus.

Full details of all talks and speakers that you schedule must be submitted into our ‘pentabarf’ database which is used to generate our website no later then 31st December. Please try to complete this earlier. It is better to find out scheduling conflicts early, and by the end of December it is hard to reach people. By running late, you also give your presenters less work to prepare their talks.

All submissions must go through:

Remind speakers that if they already have an account from a previous year they should reuse it. (Our website links speakers to all their talks across all the years of FOSDEM.) Then you can use the system to review and select talks, and transfer them between devrooms if appropriate.

Reviewing talks

Use this to view and review proposals assigned to your devroom track. You can add ratings and remarks in the Rating tab. These will not be accessible to the speaker.

Use these fields for your workflow:

Ultimately, all ‘events’ in your devroom track either need to be rejected, or accepted and (re)confirmed. Obviously, don’t change the state of events in other tracks.

Please don’t change the tracks assigned to any Main Track / Keynote / Lightning Talks at this stage as we have not reviewed them yet and it’s only fair that we consider them under the track that the submitter selected before considering transferring them to a different track.

(And we won’t object if any of you help us out by adding your own review comments or scores to events in these tracks as long as you are being reasonably objective and not just giving your friends’ talks top scores!)

Scheduling talks

Scheduling in Pentabarf

To schedule a task in pentabarf you have to:

While going through all proposal it is also worth checking their content:

Inform your speakers

Scheduling hints

Website schedule

The website is generated from the data in pentabarf. This runs automatically every few minutes.

You can see when it was last updated near the bottom of the events page.

Note that the data gets pulled from the database slightly before this timestamp is generated - sometimes a few minutes before. If nothing on this page changed, the date won’t be updated. shows the last modified date for every page on the site.

If the system detects an inconsistency in the data, it stops updating the site until this is corrected in the database.


Pentabarf still does not detect if a speaker has been allocated two slots that overlap so do watch out for that!

Last weeks before the event

Video upload and review

In case of online event, talks need to be pre-recorded. As a devroom manager you have to ask you speakers to edit their video (see 2021 video email to speakers) and to upload them. Once uploaded you have to review it to check everything fine.

  This section needs more info on video upload and review

  Needs reviews!

In case of online event, devroom managers (and speakers ?) needs to link their penta account with an existing matrix account. One can create an account or reuse one. The FOSDEM matrix service is hosted here:

To link a matrix account in a penta account, fill in the instant messaging field: Instant messaging field in penta

  To be adjusted for the online event

During the event

Online event

The online version of the event consists of one main matrix fosdem-specific chatroom by devroom. This chat room has a video stream component which streams the content of the devroom along the day. It has also a text chat component open to any audience registered in Audience can also watch the stream without registration in which case they can’t interact in the chatroom.

The video stream is composed of:

On top of the public main devroom chatroom, there are managers/speakers only chatroom used to organize the event:

During the online event, devrooms managers have to moderate their chatroom which consists of: