OpenUK coordinates the UK’s leadership in Open Technology, being the 3 Opens: open source software, open source hardware and open data. OpenUK promotes businesses, projects and people, who use and develop Open, and strives to collaborate across all existing organisations for Open through our 3 Pillars:

  • Community: creating a clear and loud voice for the Open Communities in the UK
  • Legal and Policy: making the UK a great place for Open and business using it
  • Learning: promoting education and learning in skills in Open Technology

We are a UK not-for-profit, industry organisation and advocacy body. You can contribute as a volunteer helping to manage the organisation, as an individual Supporter or a company partner, helping to fund the organisation or simply join one of our work groups. See below for our Job Vacancies

You can see our current Partners here.

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The OpenUK Awards ceremony took place on the evening of 20 October 2020.We have awarded prizes for young people, individuals, projects and corporate usage in open source software, open hardware and open data. You can watch the video here.

Honours List

The 2021 Influencers are 100 top Influencers across the UK’s Open Technology communities They hail from all walks of Open Source Software, Open Hardware and Open Data. This is the list of those to watch in UK leadership in Open Technology in 2021. All have influenced and are influencing Open Technology whether through social media, their jobs, community contributions, policy or education. The British Honours system is something very specific to the UK and a means of rewarding an individual for their achievement or service. Medals are used within this system to recognise an activity or long or valuable service. Congratulations to all of those listed. Enjoy the recognition of a New Year’s Honour from your peers at OpenUK and we look forward to seeing all that you will achieve in Open Technology through 2021. You can view those listed here.

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Legal and Policy

Purpose: To develop and sustain UK leadership in legal matters and policy in Open technology


  • Open technology is the norm across UK public services, businesses and individuals.
  • The UK is recognised as the leader in education and skills training in Open technology.
  • Open technology forms the basis of the UK’s thriving knowledge economy.


  • To enable the UK’s leadership in Open Technology by influencing the development of suitable law, policy and practice.
  • To represent and bring together legal and policy leaders in Open Technology in the UK while building a body of expertise and experience in legal and policy matters.
  • To promote understanding of legal and policy matters relating to Open Technology across individuals, enterprise, and the public sector through education and the provision of tools and resources to enable the adoption of Open Technology.

Legal Work Group Chaired by Christopher Eastham

  • Joint Report with OSOR on state of Open Source in UK published July 2020
  • Amicus Brief Google v Oracle submitted March 2020
  • FOSS4SME and letter to MP’s shared January 2020
  • International Treaties – supported Brexit Trade Agreements
  • Response to new Legislation – ongoing
  • Tools and Education – ongoing
  • Joint Events planned with Society of Computers and Law
  • The group works in a proactive and reactive way, looking at necessary and forward looking policies and areas of change as well as responding to proposed legislation in the UK and beyond.

Future Leader’s Training: Chaired by Robert Grannells of Field Fisher and Katy Gibson of Bristows This progressive group is working on collaborative activities to learn more about Open Technologies, and is mentored by the wider Legal and Policy Group. An initial Report on Government Procurement is expected in January 2021.

The group hold weekly training sessions on Friday at noon. All are welcome and details can be found in our Events.


For upcoming Future Leaders Training… Eventbrite


Kids Camp: The OpenKidsCamp took place in August 2020. The content is geared at Secondary School kids and includes the 10 lessons from the OpenUK MiniMU glove course plus ezines and was accompanied by a give-away of 3000 special edition MiniMU Glove kits, created and distributed by Pimoroni, thanks to the support of Huawei. The content is creative commons licensed and available on an ongoing basis. You can visit the site [here.] (https://openuk.uk/openkidscamp/)

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Playlist: here


We are a Phase two winner of the Gnome Community Challenge and thanks to the sponsorship of Red Hat will be producing a second course, ezine and camp in 2021 which will be themed on the Open Source Definition.



Job Vacancies

OpenUK is primarily run by a community of volunteers. Join a warm and welcoming group with work timed to suit the successful candidate’s availability.

For more information about the role or to apply contact Jamie.harper@openuk.uk

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