Welcome to the OpenUK stand!

The UK industry body and advocacy group for Open Technology, being open source software, open hardware and open data. All of our activities sit in 3 pillars, Community, Legal and Policy and Learning.


OpenUK is a unique organisation and advocacy group for Open Technology, working to develop UK leadership in Open Technology - the 3 opens, open source software, open hardware and open data. It promotes global collaboration and working with our colleagues outside of the UK.

Our projects sit under 3 pillars:

  • Community
  • Legal and Policy
  • Learning

Learn more about our awards, kids course, camp and competition, and policy activities and much much more.

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Welcome to the OpenUK stand

OpenUK in 2021

We hosted our first OpenUK Awards in 2020, with 85 entries and 6 amazing winners, promoting UK leadership in open technology.

Our Learning team developed the OpenUK Kids course, camp and competition with the support of Double Grammy Award winning singer Imogen Heap.

OpenUK's legal and policy team submitted an amicus brief in Google v Oracle, supporting open source and being the only non US organisation to do so.

We were recognised by OSOR as the UK actor in Open Source and supported their Country Intelligence report for the UK

We responded to EU and UK legislation consultations. We featured across the technology press influencing adoption of Open and making the UK a better place to do open on and in.

We launched our Supporter offering, giving community the ability to elect our Board in the future.

We have launched our first cohort of Community Ambassadors in January 2021.

We started 2021 by recognising 100 UK Influencers in Open technology.