Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2018


Video infrastructure to be shut down

It's several months after FOSDEM by now, but our video transcoding infrastructure is still up and running, in order to deal with the long tail of videos with issues that was still outstanding. This will change next week.

Currently, 644 videos have been signed off on, while 25 are marked as needing some kind of intervention or further investigation. These mostly require us to read data from our backups.

Unfortunately, due to various complications, it turns out that getting data from those backups is more involved than we initially thought. Now, almost three months after the event, it is not valuable anymore to invest much time in rescuing those files. Therefore, we will be shutting down the transcoding infrastructure some time next week.

If you were a speaker at FOSDEM 2018, you might want to verify that your video was released correctly, by going to the page of your talk(s) on the schedule and watching the video. If your video contains errors, now is the time to let us know. If the video is not released and you thought it would have been, it is not yet too late. If your video is marked as "broken" or some other similar state on the review interface, and you think it is better to release it in its current state than not to release it at all, inform us now.

If we do not hear about any major issues, we will shut down the transcoding infrastructure some time during the next week.

You can reach us by mail on, or via IRC on freenode, channel #fosdem-video.