Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Holger Levsen

Photo of Holger Levsen

Holger Levsen has been a Debian user for 20 years and started contributing 15 years ago. He got involved in doing QA work on Debian in 2007 via first working on piuparts and then, which led him to start in 2012. At the end of 2013 he had the idea to use this jenkins setup and a small script to build some packages twice and compare the results… and that's how he got involved in Reproducible Builds.

Besides working on the technical sides of Debian he also greatly enjoys meeting and interacting with people directly, so until recently he was also active in organizing the Debian conferences. This made him start the DebConf videoteam, which has resulted in a huge archive available online on and today via git-annex as well. Last not least Holger steered the efforts for the first full video coverage of FOSDEM in 2014, recording all 24 rooms.

Holger's GPG fingerprint is: B8BF5413 7B09D35C F026FE9D 091AB856 069AAA1C

Holger's OTR fingerprint is: 8F03B243 8719BA6B 1A350EB6 40C2DEA2 F56C7256


Title Day Room Track Start End
Beyond reproducible builds
Making the whole free software ecosystem reproducible and then…
Sunday Janson Distros 11:00 11:50