Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Cliff Click

Photo of Cliff Click

Coding for 40 years. Worked on the core guts of HotSpot, the JVM. 20 patents, dozen publications, hundreds of public speaking events.

Cliff Click is the CTO and Co-Founder of H2O, makers of H2O, the opensource math and machine learning engine for Big Data. Cliff wrote his first compiler when he was 15 (Pascal to TRS Z-80!), although Cliff’s most famous compiler is the HotSpot Server Compiler (the Sea of Nodes IR). Cliff helped Azul Systems build an 864 core pure-Java mainframe that keeps GC pauses on 500Gb heaps to under 10ms, and worked on all aspects of that JVM.

Before that he worked on HotSpot at Sun Microsystems, and was at least partially responsible for bringing Java into the mainstream. Cliff is invited to speak regularly at industry and academic conferences and has published many papers about HotSpot technology. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University and about 20 patents.



Title Day Room Track Start End
H2O: An Open-Source Platform for Machine Learning and Big Data/Big Math Saturday Janson Enterprise 15:00 15:50