Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Christian Kniep

Photo of Christian Kniep

Started out as an HPC SysOps, he now works for Sony's "PS Now" devision as an architect.

Christian gained his System Operations experience working in the R&D departments of German automotive manufactures. He was operating a 3000-node InfiniBand interconnected cluster. This position led to his B.Sc. thesis, in which he proposed an InfiniBand Monitoring Suite named QNIB (Qualified Networking With InfiniBand) which aimed to provide a better understanding of Interconnect fabrics. This single-layer approach grew during the years to form QNIBTerminal, a holistic workbench to test-drive different HPC stacks using Docker containerization. Since July 2015 Christian works as a Release Engineer at Gaikai Inc., a Sony company looking into new technologies like Docker and other infrastructure related aspects.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Multi-host containerised HPC cluster
The new Docker networking put into action to spin up a SLURM cluster
Sunday AW1.126 HPC, Big Data and Data Science 13:30 13:55