Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Kaspar Emanuel

Photo of Kaspar Emanuel

A freelance electronic design engineer and software developer working on creative and musical projects out of Bristol, UK. Kaspar got to sink his teeth into design engineering and firmware development straight out of university by overseeing the embedded software and hardware design of a musical instrument product from prototype to mass manufacture. This was also the time he became interested in KiCad as he did not want to invest more time into learning the ins and outs of proprietary applications.

These days he does most of his design work using KiCad and lurks on the Kicad forums and mailing lists and submitting bug reports wishing he actually enjoyed programming in C++ so he could contribute more.



Title Day Room Track Start End
A browser extension to quickly add electronic components to shopping carts
Sunday AW1.124 Electronic design automation 15:15 15:30
Panel discussion on PCB design tools Sunday AW1.124 Electronic design automation 16:35 17:00