Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Xen Orchestra: a web UI for Xen and XenServer

Handle modern IaaS needs from the web

XenServer exposes a fully featured management API called XAPI. Xen Orchestra was originally designed as web interface for Xen in 2009, and is now a complete re-write to leverage all those new possibilities.

This is the story of a tool evolving from "simple hypervisor management" to a "Infrastructure as a Service" interface, with all the challenges involved.

First, we will examine architecture choices of Xen Orchestra (to reduce connections, bandwidth waste, storing of structured data, allowing persistence and so on...), then and how we decide to address common problems, like user permissions and ACLs in a virtualized infrastructure. Finally, we'll see the roadmap of this fully open source project (aGPLv3)


Olivier Lambert