Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Cloud services on top of uKernel

Despite the diversity of microkernel project, most of them are experimental and research. Some of them are positioned as embedded systems, some other as general purpose desktop system. We want to add in this diversity additional project. In contrast with most other, we are interested in network services for clouds. We want to build guest system based on microkernel for providing various network services like cluster file system, key-value store and web server.

This presentation will describe work-in-progress status of process development cloud services on top of microkernels. We will describe main idea, rationale and motivation, main architecture and early results. The talk will provide description and guidance of porting key-value store Redis on top of Genode, development levedb-based in memory KVS on top of L4Re, deployment and use of network services in virtual environment.


Photo of Vasily A. Sartakov Vasily A. Sartakov