Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Update on QtCreator for µC

On the way to the best C/C++ embedded IDE.

This is an update on the first talk about QtCreator for embedded devices. There will be an short overview and then the presentation of the improvements from the last year:

QtCreator is the IDE of the Qt-Project. While the main focus is C++ based Qt development it has all usefull features for editing and navigation through large codebases. Like a code model for refactoring and autocompletion. As a lot of embedded development is done in C/C++ the only part missing for small µController support has been filled by the baremetal plugin for QtCreator. This enables QtCreator to talk to hardware debuggers with support for the gdb protocol. OpenOCD is a main development focus and it has now gained support for pipelining mode.

Besides giving an short overview over QtCreator the improvments made for embedded development will be shown. Fast Restart - issues a hardware reset right away without reflashing OpenOCD pipelining support - one click debugging *CMake build support (hopefully)


Tim Sander