Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


The CentOS Storage SIG and GlusterFS

Challenges, solutions and how GlusterFS is fitting in Storage SIG

GlusterFS is a scale out storage solution which has wide range of uses cases.

GlusterFS is one of the founding members of Storage SIG. We have been able to successfully bootstrap GlusterFS in the Storage SIG. Relevant RPMs have been build for the SIG using the new CentOS build system. During the last couple of months of bootstrapping GlusterFS in the storage SIG we have faced some technical challenges which will be applicable to other SIGs (current and Future). During this talk we will share our experiences and discuss the technical challenges GlusterFS faced, how we solved it and the thought process around it. In this talk we will also talk about how Storage SIG is trying to give best upstream experience to community/users.

Open source storage projects (e.g. Ceph and GlusterFS) were the first to jump on the SIG bandwagon. For GlusterFS it is a perfect match as most of the users in Gluster community preferred CentOS over RHEL to deploy GlusterFS. Our goal was to create a seamless experience for community to consume GlusterFS and related technologies. GlusterFS is also deeply integrated with other technologies too e.g. Samba,NFS, nfs-ganesha, OpenStack, QEMU-KVM, Hadoop, OpenStack Swift, and OVirt. One of the goals of the Storage SIG to ensure users can consume GlusterFS and related technologies easily through storage SIGs and other SIGs( e.g virtualization SIG ) etc.

We have been working on GlusterFS in the storage SIG for some time now. In the presentation we will share our experiences, challenges, and some insights to SIG.

The talk will be beneficial to wide variety of people e.g. System admins who want to deploy GlusterFS, and developers who are working with technologies which consume GlusterFS. It would also give fair idea what kind of challenges SIGs face, and to those who want to know more about storage SIG


Kaleb Keithley
Photo of Lalatendu Mohanty Lalatendu Mohanty