Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


SCL for bleeding edge stacks on enterprise

Find out how to deliver bleeding edge, flexible development stacks on stable enterprise platform using Software Collections

Learn how to provide bleeding edge features on stable platform using Software Collections that allow you to enjoy different versions of a package or whole application stack on one machine, separately for every process and without influencing the rest of the system. The Software Collections technology is more open than ever before and developed in cooperation with CentOS now. Learn how to use it in practice, what projects use them already and what are the recent changes in the concept.

For last two years Red Hat delivers two major products using Software Collection. Goal is to provide development environments, newer packages like dynamic languages, modules for them, databases to satisfy customer demand on more up to date contant on stable enterprise platform. The lecture will introduce concept of Software Collections, while listeners will learn how to build and use application stack delivered using this technology. Practical examples will demonstrate this unusual combination of stable enterprise platform with latest versions of frameworks like latest NodeJS, Django or Ruby on Rails. Also, tips how to get involved or extend existing collections will be given. The lecture is intended for developers that need to develop applications for enterprise Linux platform but are not satisfied with old versions that are usually delivered on such platforms. Also admins or devops engineers will benefit from being able to install any software without influence the rest of the system.


Photo of Honza Horak Honza Horak