Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Reinventing the Enlightenment Object System

The Enlightenment project started over 15 years ago, and while it has evolved a lot over the years, its object system has not; this is quite surprising given that almost everything in Enlightenment is represented by objects. Tom, later joined by other Enlightenment developers, has taken upon himself to redesign it, and called the new system Eo. In this talk Tom will describe the main goals they had for Eo, what (and how) they have achieved, how it was received by fellow developers and how it impacted the Enlightenment project as a whole. Tom will also briefly review other C object systems, some of Eo's unique features, and several related projects that were either created to support Eo, had undergone major improvements enabled by it, or owe they existence to Eo.


Photo of Tom Hacohen Tom Hacohen