Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Utilizing NUMA architecture in oVirt

For several years now, the oVirt project is leveraging KVM and relevant technologies (ksm, etc) in data center virtualizations. Being a mature and feature reach, oVirt takes another step forward with introducing NUMA architecture support which will allow better utilization of hypervisors in advanced virtual data centres. Different NUMA implementations and insights on use cases will allow participants to gain more knowledge on how to optimize their existing hypervisors in the virt world.

Starting the latest release of the oVirt project, NUMA architecture is supported. This presentation will cover general NUMA architecture concepts, as well as review recent oVirt improvements to support NUMA.

The first part will provide an introduction to Non Uniform Memory Access and its importance for better utilization of current hardware. The differences between NUMA implementations in various Linux kernels (numad VS autonuma) should provide insights on how NUMA is implemented to participants of this presentation.

The second part of this session we will present support of various NUMA modes with insights for various flows and use cases. participants will hear about virtual NUMA options available today, which are quite advanced in the virt world.


Photo of Doron Fediuck Doron Fediuck