Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


What Could Microkernels Learn from Monolithic Kernels (and Vice Versa)

Some developers of both microkernel and monolithic operating systems view the design of their system as absolutely superior to the other design. This black-white thinking and "holy war" attitude, while understandable to a certain degree, makes it hard to to acknowledge that one size does not necessarily fit all. Rather than striving for an unreachable goal of creating the best operating system design for all possible use cases it is vital to understand and reflect the trade-offs of the use cases at hand. This talk focuses on a few features and properties of the current monolithic operating systems that could be an inspiration for the current microkernel operating systems and vice versa. The talk should also initiate a discussion about some "non-goals" of microkernel operating systems that are nevertheless sometimes presented as goals of microkernel operating systems, to the detriment of its own cause.


Photo of Martin Děcký Martin Děcký