Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


To The Moon And Back. Software Defined Radio and High Power transmissions.

How to do cool things and stay legal.

Today, GNURadio enthusiasts are in the same situation as radio electronics enthusiasts about 90 years ago: Many ideas sound very promising, but international regulations and national laws prohibit extended experimenting. Radio Amateurs such as Nobel Price winner Joe Taylor (K1JT) have demonstrated that digital signal processing allows moonbounce transmissions also to the private hacker, but also many more thrilling experiments such as airplane scatter and the active use of Amateur Radio satellites. Most, however, require a little more power than those 10 dBm produced by the USRP series. This talk shows how easy it is to make use of the definitions of international Amateur Radio regulations as part of the ITU ruleset and how to get a license according to national laws - and to experiment with GNURadio -and- with high power.

In this talk I will present the technology that is necessary to transmit to the moon and back. I will show how to use Joe Taylor's WSJT suite of protocols. Based on these applications I will explain what the ITU Radio Regulations article 25 defines about private experiments and how the RR25 is implemented in national laws. I will explain in detail which privileges a license holder enjoys and how these privileges will boost the possibilities of a GNURadio hacker.


Markus Heller