Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Validate your gerrit patches automaticly using magic hooks

hook framework to test patches as part of gerrit system

Use a hook framework, written in python to create rules to validate and automate tasks in your git/gerrit environment.

Every r&d department has its own rules and version planning for their product. It might be you're working on a latest (master) branch and at some point (feature freeze), you'll branch into a stable branch for the current version and backport only specific fixes to it. That process can be problematic and not without misses when managing a large scale project such as a virtualization project as oVirt. You'll want to integrate some validation into the process and ensure developers are following the right procedure, like merging fixes in right order (master->stable branch), adding 'bug-url' to the bug to maintain info on the bug fix and so on. In this talk I'll show you a unique system we developed for oVirt that works on gerrit (code review system) and bugzilla api that will run set of verification rules on each patch sent and will ensure patches are treated correctly and with respect! :)


Photo of Eyal Edri Eyal Edri