Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


An introduction to the gEDA / PCB project

An introduction to the gEDA and PCB projects, their background, history, current status and future plans.

Will likely include anecdotes from the point of view of myself, as a (now mostly inactive) core developer on both projects, and my thoughts on where open source EDA tools need to head in order to remain relevant in a world where "free", but closed commercial tools becoming ever more prevalent.

The aim of this talk would be to introduce the gEDA (and associated) projects, how its loosely structured suite of tools can fit together to form diverse EDA workflows, with some anecdotes from my point of view as both from a developer, and user of this software.

The design philosophy behind the suite will be presented, along with discussion on how its modular (or fragmented?), yet flexible design has in the past created problems for those seeking to improve our user-experience for those who desire a more integrated work-flow.

I will present a section on where I see the common challenges of open-source EDA, and where I see opportunities for collaboration to further common goals in this area.

There may be a live demonstration of the tools in action, although at this stage I have not planned exactly what form that might take.


Photo of Peter Clifton Peter Clifton