Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


edacore: Less work for everybody

Crowdsourced parameterized parts library

Each EDA tool currently has its own parts library, even(!) the open source EDA packages. This lack of reuse is not very efficient, and certainly not state-of-the-art when compared to the collaboration and cooperation taking place in the source code.

Let's fix that - I would like to start the edacore project with the aim to fulfill the part library needs of not only open source EDA packages, but ideally all of the industry. Sounds ambitious? You bet. Maybe it'll actually work out in the end.

The purpose of this event is to quickly introduce the fairly simple project idea and then to gather collaborators who care about creating a universal parts library, flexible enough to work for almost every use case, and finally to do a bit of brainstorming around what the edacore data model must take into account.

At least one representative with a major semiconductor vendor has already expressed interest in populating edacore using their in-house data. I imagine that other vendors would also be interested. Anything that helps sell chips is good, and perhaps we can have dialogue such that providing information will be very easy for as many vendors as possible.

The project might turn out a total flop, but we will not know unless we try...


Peter Stuge