Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Docker Integration in oVirt and IaaS

This session will present the current status of integration between oVirt, Docker containers and Kubernetes. It will cover the motivations, some of the low level details and ideas for the future. The second part of the presentation will be dedicated to possible future work within oVirt, ideas for the new concept of multi-purpose data-center and an overview of other projects related to Docker and IaaS.

  • Deploying an Application (Old-Fashion and Docker)
  • Ecosystem: Kubernetes and Project Atomic
  • Current Status of Integration in oVirt
  • oVirt Docker User-Interface Plugin
  • Dockerized oVirt Engine
  • Docker on Virtualization
  • Possible Future Integration
  • Managing Containers as VMs
  • Future Multi-Purpose Data Centers
  • Other Projects Related to Docker and IaaS


Photo of Federico Simoncelli Federico Simoncelli