Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


What's new inside the Linux IEEE 802.15.4 subsystem?

Many patches found their way into the mainline Linux kernel since the last talk about the state of IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN at FOSDEM 2014.

This presentation will outline what changes were done, with a focus on the 802.15.4 subsystem. The architecture of the subsystem has been reworked to be more similar to the 802.11 wifi stack; in addition, this lecture will explain new internal kernel frameworks and the new "wpan" userspace tool which is based on "iw" and give an outlook towards upper layer protocol such as 6LoWPAN.

This talk will begin with a demo to show the fixed changes according the last FOSDEM talk. Mainly these are the fragmentation and UDP fixes. Demo for fragmentation will be a simple "ping6" example with high payload between two Linux nodes. Another demo for UDP fixes will be a simple "netcat" example between Linux and contiki nodes. During the demo applications wireshark is running for confirm the working connection. Additional the demo will show the new userspace tool.

After that the presentation will start with information about general project information like project name change and new mailinglist address. Moreover the talk explain new internal kernel frameworks for introducing new userspace interfaces. At last future work will be show.

Rest of time is to start a Q&A with the audience.


Photo of Alexander Aring Alexander Aring