Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Working with I/O using libmraa on Linux

libmraa is a low level IO library for GNU/Linux platforms in the IoT sector. It tries to abstract platform 'crazyness' such as level shifters, i2c gpio expanders and other hardware features that software engineers don't want to deal with. It supports C/C++/python & nodejs and a number of hardware platforms.

I plan to run the talk in this order: - Small demo showing how to use IO on a MIPS based vocore & an intel based edison both using libmraa, a few sensors & actuators on various buses to show the flexibility and the same code running on both platforms - Example of why current APIs are too complicated and not portable - Quick walkthrough of the board configuration API to add new platforms to the build system - Q&A

The aim is to show people how we can interact with IO as seemlessly as possible between platforms and that adding new platforms to the framework is relatively easy.


Photo of Brendan Le Foll Brendan Le Foll