Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


UI design for open data

Good design can increase the value of open data to the public and industry professionals. But what is open data and how can it be used? The focus of this talk is using design to aid the release of knowledge from within cultural institutions. I’ll be discussing the challenges of designing for complex UIs in general and how we can use narrative to inform and guide the user through abstract interactions.

How can design help us communicate data easily to users? Where does this stem from? What methods of design are easy for users to engage with? What should we be trying to achieve with these designs?

The cultural sector is a big adopter of open data and semantic web technologies. They have embraced the ideas and are weaving them into everything they do. So, who is doing what? What data sets are there available? And how have these been presented to the public.

Using case studies from the cultural sector, we will explore the practical challenges associated with complex UI designs. Looking at work-in-progress through to finished products we will discuss best practice, finding innovation, and the challenges of working with data sets.


Photo of Hollie Lubbock Hollie Lubbock