Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015



spatial backend as a service !

Daybed is a reusable Web API providing validation and storage as a service. Define your schemas, their fields and permissions using JSON, and you obtain a dedicated RESTful endpoint! It has spatial fields support, GeoJSON output and ElasticSearch indexing!

Usually, when a Web application requires a spatial backend for storage and validation, a custom API is developed and deployed (reinvent the wheel).

But with Daybed, persistence is a service. It's a minimalist and generic REST API, built with python, on top of the storage backend of your choice, like Redis, CouchDB or ElasticSearch. You can host it yourself or use the one we run at!

In this talk, we will present why Daybed is the perfect component for rapid application building, and how it can be used for collecting and storing geospatial data. A quick overview of its authentication and permissions system, and you will figure out you can turn any mobile app or static Web page into a collaborative application with no effort!

We will also introduce daybed.js, our tiny JavaScript wrapper, to visualize data or build collaborative webmapping with only a few lines of code!


Photo of Mathieu Leplatre Mathieu Leplatre