Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Data, data and data about your favourite community

This talk aims at providing a quick overview of the GrimoireLib library. This python-based piece of code provides a list of classes that help to analyze open source communities. This talk is intended for those interested in open source analytics and want to have a better understanding of the community and processes around their favourite open source projects. The talk will use ipython notebook recipes to follow the code.

GrimoireLib [1] is a python-based library that facilitates the analysis of open source communities. This is part of the Grimoire toolset, a set of tools that help to download, parse and analyze open source communities from several perspectives. Activity in the source code, mailing lists, ticketing systems are some of the data sources supported by this toolset.

This talk assumes the existence of a previous CVSAnalY retrieved database and will play with the several metrics and analysis available at GrimoireLib. Examples driven on ipython notebook will help to follow the talk. And specific analysis of some communities will be carried out. Among other metrics, commits from several perspectives will be calculated: branches, message log, type of file, organizations, module, and others.



Photo of Daniel Izquierdo Daniel Izquierdo