Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Call for volunteers

FOSDEM needs you! Every year, the FOSDEM team is assisted by an enthusiastic team of volunteers to help out with various tasks and make the event a fun and safe place for all our visitors. Although we've become pretty good at organising a large conference, we're a small team and can not be everywhere at once. Which is why we enlist volunteers from among our visitors every year. If you would like to help out and give back to the community, please come join the ranks. You can do so by subscribing to the volunteers mailing list. This is where we will coordinate tasks so the event can run smoothly. We promise it'll be fun!

Extra hands are especially welcome during buildup on Friday, starting at noon, and more so during cleanup on Sunday evening. In case you're worried about missing lunch, free pizza will be provided for volunteers so nobody will have to go hungry.

A short overview of the tasks:

In addition to general volunteer work, we are also looking for volunteers specifically to help out with video-related work. This involves:

While A/V experience is of course always welcome, all that's really needed is that you're interested; on-the-job training will be provided.

People interested in helping out with the video team should subscribe to the video team mailing list before the event where important announcements will be made, and be prepared to join us on IRC during the event.

Note that it's perfectly okay to subscribe (and volunteer) to both; just make sure to let the respective coordinators know when necessary.