Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


All keynotes confirmed

We have confirmed the third and last keynote for FOSDEM 2013, it is with great pride that we present you these speakers:

Kohsuke Kawaguchi - How we made the Jenkins community

Kohsuke will speak about how he got the Jenkins community off the ground and what is needed to keep it vibrant. Kohsuke will give his talk on Saturday at 11:00 in Janson. [details]

Amelia Andersdotter - The Devil is in the Details

Amelia will explain the current issues regarding copyright legislation, consumer rights laws, standards directives and more at a European Union level. Amelia will speak on Saturday at 12:00 in Janson. [details]

Leslie Hawthorn - The Keeper of Secrets

Leslie will explore the role of secrets and disclosure in our open development communities. Leslie will give her talk on Sunday at 17:00 in Janson. [details]