Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


New Website

As everyone can see, we're going live with our new website. Hope you'll like it!

As FOSDEM is a highly technical conference, everyone expects us to give some technical details about our new website ;).

After using Drupal for several years, we decided to switch to using a static website generator, for several reasons:

So the quest for the right tool for the job began, and after briefly investigating a few options such as Jekyll, Octopress, we ran into nanoc, and we were sold.

Mind you, we're not saying that Drupal isn't fit for the job, but merely that it wasn't fitting our needs and workflow very well. At least, a static site generator like nanoc definitely does so a lot better.

While we did have to implement a lot of custom code to automate our processes and workflow as much as possible (also in order to make it less error-prone, and because we're lazy, obviously), nanoc really turned out to be a great framework that took away a ton of nitty-gritty, trivial and not so trivial tasks.

Most of the content of our website stems from the Pentabarf database, from which we export a lot of content which is then used to generate over a thousand pages (when the schedule is final or at least approaching the deadline of the conference).

Now, there is one "dynamic" thing on our website, which can hardly be implemented in a static way: the search feature. For that, we use the stunningly brilliant Apache Solr as search and indexing server, with some glue code in nanoc to feed it with content, as well as a tiny web application using the not less stellar Sinatra framework for interfacing with users.

So, from a technical perspective, our special thanks go to the following people and projects: