Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Call for participation at FOSDEM

We invite any and all open source projects to participate in FOSDEM 2013 with a talk in a devroom, a lightning talk or by manning a stand.

Main track talks

The main tracks host high-quality seminars for a broad and technical audience. They are held in the two biggest auditoria and last 50 minutes. Each of the talks is given by a speaker who gets their travel and accommodation costs reimbursed.

The call for main track talk has been closed.


Stands are places in the hallways that can be used to share information, demo software, sell merchandising, give away goodies and so forth. They allow projects to present themselves to the visitors in a more personal fashion.

To apply, see the call for stands, deadline extended to Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are aimed at projects that do not fit in one of the devrooms listed below. During exactly 15 minutes, one person gets to present the project or any aspect of it. All the lightning talks happen in a large room that can host up to 300 people.

To apply, see the call for lightning talks, deadline extended to Friday, 21 December 2012


A devroom is a developer room in which open source communities can organize their own schedule, made of presentations, brainstorming and hacking sessions. Our goal is to stimulate developer collaboration and cross-pollination between projects.

If an announcement is missing, ask for the contact address.

Day(s) Devroom Name Call for Talks Deadline
Both days Cross Distro announcement 2012-12-20
Both days CrossDesktop announcement 2012-12-14
Both days Embedded and Mobile announcement 2012-12-25
Both days Free Java announcement, announcement 2012-12-21, 2013-01-04
Both days Legal Issues announcement 2012-12-21
Both days Mozilla announcement 2012-12-20
Saturday Apache OpenOffice announcement 2012-12-23
Saturday Community Development and Marketing announcement 2012-12-23
Saturday FOSS for Scientists announcement 2012-12-16
Saturday Graph Processing announcement 2012-12-23
Saturday Jabber/XMPP announcement 2012-12-31
Saturday Microkernels / Component-based OSes announcement 2012-12-22
Saturday Mono announcement 2012-12-25
Saturday PHP and Friends announcement 2012-12-14
Saturday Testing and Automation announcement 2012-12-21
Sunday The Wine Project announcement 2012-12-31
Saturday Virtualization announcement 2012-12-16
Saturday announcement TBA
Sunday Ada announcement 2012-12-12
Sunday BSD announcement 2012-12-17
Sunday Cloud announcement 2012-12-14
Sunday Configuration/Systems Management announcement 2012-12-15
Sunday LibreOffice announcement 2012-12-14
Sunday MySQL & Friends announcement 2012-12-21
Sunday NoSQL announcement 2012-12-14
Sunday Open Source Game Development announcement 2012-12-16
Sunday PostgreSQL announcement 2012-12-21
Sunday Python announcement 2012-12-21
Sunday Smalltalk announcement 2012-12-31
Sunday Telephony announcement 2013-01-04

Note that the Day(s) column refers to the following:

2 February 2013
3 February 2013
Both days
2 & 3 February 2013