FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Schedule: aw1.124


Capacity: 59 seats

Saturday 2008-02-23
When Track Event Speaker
14:00-15:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Keynote PostgreSQL 8.3 David Fetter
15:00-15:30 BSD+PostgreSQL FreeBSD 7.0 and beyond Robert Watson
15:30-16:00 BSD+PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Infrastructure Stefan Kaltenbrunner
16:00-16:30 BSD+PostgreSQL SNMP monitoring Shteryana Shopova
16:30-17:00 BSD+PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 8.3 Performance Features Simon Riggs
17:00-18:00 BSD+PostgreSQL SWOT analysis between MySQL and PostgreSQL Guido Barosio
18:00-18:30 BSD+PostgreSQL PC-BSD Live demo, pbi essentials Matt Olander
Sunday 2008-02-24
When Track Event Speaker
09:00-10:00 BSD+PostgreSQL IT-PUG + ht://Miner Gabriele Bartolini
10:00-10:30 BSD+PostgreSQL and BSD, changes ahead Matthieu Herrb
10:30-11:00 BSD+PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Future Directions Bruce Momjian
11:00-11:30 BSD+PostgreSQL Win32 development in a Unix project Magnus Hagander
11:30-12:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Ruby on rails on FreeBSD with PostgreSQl Marius Nünnerich
12:00-12:15 BSD+PostgreSQL DBI-Link 3.0 David Fetter
12:15-12:30 BSD+PostgreSQL New Enterprise features in PostgreSQL Simon Riggs
12:30-13:00 BSD+PostgreSQL What can you do for PostgreSQL community Susanne Ebrecht
14:00-15:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Build systems with autotools and libtool Benny Siegert
15:00-15:30 BSD+PostgreSQL Building Magnus Hagander
15:30-16:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Two Phase Commit with PostgreSQL Heikki Linnakangas
16:00-16:30 BSD+PostgreSQL pbi - the new paket management system Austin Stewart
16:30-17:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD Gregory Holland
17:00-17:30 BSD+PostgreSQL PostgreSQL High Availability Options Simon Riggs
17:30-18:00 BSD+PostgreSQL Election of PostgreSQL EU group Susanne Ebrecht