FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Schedule: Mozilla Prism

Mark Finkle
Day Sunday
Room Chavanne
Start time 16:00
End time 16:45
Duration 00:45
Event type Podium
Track Web
Language English
Video (Ogg/Theora)
Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.

People have traditionally used desktop applications, but more and more of them are turning to web applications. Such applications often fit awkwardly into the document-centric interface of web browsers. This talk focuses on Mozilla Prism, an experiment for desktop-enabling web applications, and how the next generation of web APIs increase the capabilities of those applications by adding functionality to the Web itself.

Mark will also highlight some new features in Firefox 3, especially those that help the Mozilla platform become a better web application platform.