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18.12.2001 Support

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Support the FOSDEM organisation and get a return!

FOSDEM is an event for the community, by the community. As such, we think it is important to keep access to the event free.

FOSDEM is organised by volunteers who don't get paid and don't have commercial interests in the event. However, as you must realise, organising such an event costs a lot of money.

The primary characteristic of FOSDEM is that it is a non-commercial event. To keep it that way, we think the best way to fund the event is to get support from the community on a voluntary basis. Therefore, FOSDEM is now gratefully accepting financial donations from visitors. To thank donators, we have produced some packages in return for their support. Here is a description of the packages corresponding to the amount contributed:

  • 25 euros: t-shirt
  • 50 euros: t-shirt + O'Reilly pocket guide
  • 100 euros: t-shirt + O'Reilly book
  • 150 euros: tshirt + O'Reilly book + chance to win 4 books of your choice from O'Reilly
  • 200 euros:tshirt + O'Reilly book + chance to win a SHARP SL-5000D! (to be confirmed mid january though, when we receive the device!!)
You can't choose the book you get, but it may be possible to exchange your book with other visitors if you would prefer.

FOSDEM ASBL/VZW (the association) will be founded during December.Donations above 25 euros should be tax deductible for Belgian people as we are going to ask the aggreation to legal authorities(others must check their national regulations).

So, how do you contribute to FOSDEM?

It's as simple as a bank transfer to the following account number
Account Account holder Bank information
Bauduin Raphael
Lepelstraat 68
B-3000 Leuven
Belgielei 49-53
B-2018 Antwerpen

Write, as reference (communication), your email address in the form raphinou-at-fosdem.org for the address raphinou@fosdem.org. The account holder at the moment, is Raphael Bauduin, but this same bank account will be transfered to the association forthwith.

To avoid any problems in the future, read the following VERY CAREFULLY: you don't buy these items from FOSDEM. We give this to you to thank you for your support. We don't guarantee anything. In case of problems (whatever that may be), we can't give you your money back.

For further questions, you can send a mail to support@fosdem.org