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15.08.2001 The Story

The Story

During the year 2000, Raphael Bauduin, a fan of the Linux movement in Belgium, decide to make a small meeting for developers of Open Source software. He called it : Open Source Developers European Meeting (aka OSDEM)

He created a mailing list, a small website and told it around him ... few weeks later, lots of people were waiting for an exciting events in Brussel.

Raphael sent lots of invitations to known figure : Rasterman, Fyodor, Jeremy Allison, ... and so on ... and they gave a positive response : the OSDEM was on the road to success.

Normal state Abnormal state

Here can you see Raphael in 2 states : normal @ OSDEM, and quiet (aka abnormal) @ home.

Building and coordinating such an event was quite hard for only one man, but Raphael found lots of help around the world.

Finally the first edition of OSDEM was a great success, with 25 famous speakers and more than 1.200 visitors for the 2 days. Here after you will find some links to sites talking about the event, containing some pictures and so on ...

OSDEM site is of course a 'must to visit'

A visitor's view of the OSDEM

Some pictures

Another one

Videos of speakers @ Osdem

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