Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


An update about T-shirts and hoodies

We know that many of you are waiting on your FOSDEM T-shirt and hoodie. We finally have some news, but first we would like to apologize not only for not delivering your T-shirt in time, but also for not communicating or informing you of the status of your order.

Now onto the better news: it took a very long time for the order to arrive at our T-shirt supplier. We currently are investigating why it took so long and we didn't receive an update earlier, but the good news is that they are finally printing and will be shipped in the coming weeks.

We understand your frustration, and once again want to say sorry; this is not how it should have been handled and you have every right to be angry at us.

We will update you as soon as everything has been printed and the orders have shipped.