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YottaDB is a language-agnostic hierarchical key-value database that scales from small system-on-chip designs to large servers. Languages are supported through "wrappers" with support currently available for C, Go, M, Perl, and Rust, with support for node.js and Python expected soon. Other wrappers from the community allow YottaDB to be a JSON data store. Octo provides JDBC / SQL-92 based access for reporting and analytics with read-write access support coming in 2021. All our work is 100% free / open source.


Based on a mature code base (in daily production use since 1986; continuously invested in and evolving since then), YottaDB is a language-agnostic hierarchical key-value database to which all common NoSQL and SQL use cases map well. Its robustness, scalability and security are demonstrated by the fact that it is the database of record for some of the largest real-time core-banking applications in the world, as well as a nation scale electronic health record system. In Belgium, it is the database of record for the University of Antwerp library system.

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YottaDB in 2021

Since FOSDEM 2020, we have added production grade support for JDBC / SQL-92 access to the database for analytics and reporting, as well as production grade support for access from the Rust language.
We have made numerous smaller enhancements such as simpler installation, enhanced troubleshooting tools, performance enhancements, and of course (like every software project) bug fixes.