Welcome to the Tracim stand!

Today’s collaboration is tomorrow’s knowledge and expertise. Tracim is a collaborative platform to ease teamwork, information and knowledge management in a team. It can be used to host communities and workgroups. It is designed to be easy to use even for people not using computers on a daily basis.

Tracim @ FOSDEM

Stop losing information in noisy chat channels and private mailboxes!

Tracim is a collaboration platform which aims to ally day-to-day team work and shared knowledge management. It allows easy information sharing between team members.

Tracim targets being the backbone of collaboration and memory for teams and workgroups.

The best way to keep a high level of quality for common knowledge in a team is to allow every member to easily share their knowledge and to make this information as open as possible. Everybody should be able to contribute, even people who are not at ease with computers, because they likely have a strong field experience.

Come and meet us to discover benefits you can derive from using Tracim!

Welcome to the Tracim stand

Tracim in 2021

This year on our stand:

  • From Tracim 2.6 to 3.5 - a major architecture rework allowing real time updates
  • Plenty of new features based on this major architecture rework : live messaging, notifications, activity feed, space types, subspaces, emojis, mentions…
  • Live coding sessions to hack on the Tracim API to build bridges, bots, task automation and more!
  • How we use React, Redux, Javascript, Python, Mypy, Hapic, SQLAchemy, Pushpin, Server-Sent Events and other components of our stack.

We will present at your request:

  • functionnal perspectives of Tracim (instant messaging, mobile application, custom forms…)
  • the community website we are developing
  • the internals of the Tracim code and how it works (backend and frontend).

We will speak about and gladly take your input on:

  • the strategies for making Tracim a world-wide open source software
  • the how to earn a living writing free software

Tell us:

  • what you expect from a collaborative platform
  • what your feelings about Tracim are (we appreciate a positive feedback, but we encourage constructive critcism which will enable us to build the best software)
  • what you think about #suricates

We are looking forward to meeting you, come in and chat with us!