Welcome to the Sesame Discovery stand!

Interested in openly designed hardware while lowering carbon footprint? You've come to the right place - check out the open design of the Sesame Discovery chassis - allowing individuals, organizations, and companies to have an "datacenter in a box" in a desk side form factor. With the ability to plug in 4-12 nodes of scalable computing - the Sesame Discovery can be used in a variety of projects in any location without the need of a data center.

From Kubernetes to a Blender render farm to medical research, the possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to run thousands of containers under 2000 watts?

Visitors to the stand will also learn about the Open Compute Project - a consortium of data center companies working in concert to build an open data center without vendor lock-in. The Discovery chassis provides an open window how open hardware design works in practice.

The Sesame Discovery is the basis of ITRenew Inc's commerical product Sesame Fast-Start where we combine the open design of the chassis with the ITRenew Inc's vast supply chain. With nearly 18,000 IT gear brought in a month world wide - the commercial product can provide a lot of horsepower. This supply chain is possible because of the concept of the circular datacenter.

Not only can you have great computational power that you can plug into your home, lab, or classroom but the hardware is based on a supply chain of re-certified top tier data center components from worlds foremost hyperscale companies like Facebook, Dropbox and Google. By leveraging this supply chain we lower our carbon footprint extending the life of valuable equipment that already exists rather than manufacturing new ones. The circular economy directly relies on open collaboration and open source communities for its business.

One important aspect of the circular datacenter is the carbon costs that are saved when using the circular datacenter supply chain. Ali Fenn the President of ITRenew Inc has a great short 12 minute talk about the amount of waste a datacenter can produces as well the amount of resources it consume. In addition, there is a nice video of a tour of the design of the chassis that is the brainchild of Jean-Jacques Chanut.

Here are some additional videos by Dr. Erik Riedel the SVP of Engineering at ITRenew Inc on the Sesame Discoveyr/Fast-Start and a tour that just goes through the facts. If your're interested in hearing more click on the chat button and come speak with us! Please note that the video on the right is overly loud - please adjust accordingly.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

9:30am - 10:00am Welcome Event
11:00am - 11:40pm Circular Data Center and Open Compute Project
12:00pm - 13:00pm Let's talk about Discovery! - Chat w/ Dr. Erik Riedel, SVP of Sesame Engineering
17:00pm - 17:40pm Meet Principal Ecosystems Engineer, Sriram Ramkrishna

Sunday, February 7, 2021

9:30am - 10:00am Welcome
10:00am - 11:00am Let's talk about Discovery
11:00am - 12:00pm Open Compute Project Topics: Open Firmware
14:00pm - 14:30pm Chat with Dr. Erik Riedel, SVP of Sesame Engineering
16:00pm - 17:40pm Meet the Designer of the Sesame Discovery Chassis, Jean-Jacques Chanut
17:35pm - 18:00pm Sri's talk on Datacenter class containers for the masses

Sesame Discovery @ FOSDEM

The Sesame Discovery project is a demonstration of what an ecosystem that consists of hardware companies, software companies, and the circular economy working in concert can do. Combining the collaboration of data center companies, with open system design, and open firmware, supplied by a carbon friendly supply chain of hardware components - the new data centers we build will be carbon friendly, avoid vendor lock-in, whose waste output can be re-purposed to provide heat and energy to neighborhoods and finally can scale from a home office or cubicle to the traditional computer room. Come to our stand to hear about the possibilities that can be achieved through juxtaposition of community, openness, and low carbon supply chain.

Sesame Discovery in 2021

The Sesame Discovery project has been in existence for about two years but has not had a lot of exposure to the open source and open hardware communities. In that time frame, we have modified the chassis to accommodate adding a true 100GBE 32 port white box switch This will allow the ability to have even more nodes into chassis but also have a true data center networking all within the chassis. We have other active designs that are not associated with Discovery but part of a family of open designed chassis that we would also be sharing at the booth as well as exciting work with partners whose open software projects will be designed to work on our open hardware - from edge computing to Kubernetes to AI - come chat with us on what you can do when you own the supply chain and work with ecosystems can do!