Welcome to the Pulp stand!

Pulp is a platform for managing repositories of software packages and making them available to a large number of consumers.

With Pulp, you can locally mirror all or part of a repository, host your own software packages in repositories, and manage many types of content from multiple sources in one place. If you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of software packages and need a better way to manage them, Pulp can help.

FOSDEM Schedule

Pulp has three talks in the Infra Management room on Saturday February 6th:

We look forward to your questions after the talks in the Infra room.

Outside of that, feel free to join us in our stand chatroom to discuss anything related to Pulp!


Pulp Workflows

If you want a centralized tool to take full control of your software packages, blend and curate content types to suit your exact requirements, and distribute them throughout your organization, Pulp can help. For a more in-depth look at Pulp's workflows, check out our workflow documentation.

Host your own [PyPI, Ansible Galaxy, container registry, *]

You can use Pulp to create local mirrors of content and distribute that content throughout your organization.

Control dependencies & Create Reproducible Environments

With Pulp, you have full control over dependencies and can curate your content to optimise for your environmental needs.

Multiple Content Types

Pulp has a wide range of available content plugins. Add a plugin for the content types that you want to add. You can also write your very own plugin!

Upload and Manage Your Own Content

You can upload, manage, and distribute your own content.

Content Promotion; Lifecycle Management

You can manage separate sets of content for different lifecycle environments, for example Dev, Staging, Production, and promote content from one environment to another.

Welcome to the Pulp stand

Pulp in 2021

Here are the major developments in the Pulp community since the last FOSDEM:

Pulp 3 CLI Beta Release

The Pulp 3 CLI will greatly help the usability of Pulp 3.

Host Your Own Ansible Galaxy

Ansible Galaxy_NG is Pulp plugin to support hosting your very own Ansible Galaxy server.

Host Your Own PyPI

With the release of Pulp Python 3.0.0, you can mirror the whole of PyPI in just under one hour.

Pulp Squeezer

Pulp Squeezer is an Ansible collection you can use to fetch, upload, organize, and distribute File, Ansible, and Python content.

Pulp Container

Pulp Container you can ship content regardless of how it is packaged (RPM, Python, Ansible) in a container image, and build the image with Pulp.

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