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Huawei Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) aims to become a trusted contact for communities, innovation hubs, companies, start-up and public administration.

The Open Source Technology Center is the technology hub that is developing and spreading the OpenHarmony project among the European market.

OpenHarmony is a very ambitious project that makes open source, open governance and community sharing its real innovative nature, it is a new way of conceiving consumer devices and their use, starting from a great assumption: transcending physical perimeters and concepts historically related to what an operating system can do.

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We are taking OpenHarmony to Europe. Come take a peek.

Our roadmap
Spring 2021
128KB - 128 MB For devices with 128KB - 128MB RAM
Fall 2021
128 MB - 1 GB For devices with 128KB - 1 GB RAM
Winter 2021
Over 4GB For devices with 128KB - 1 GB RAM
Spring 2021
First code upstream
Fall 2021
Hosted open
Winter 2021
Scale community
With us at FOSDEM'21:SECO

SECO is an Italian group with a leading global position in the sector of high technology, thanks to its expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, operating on a global scale with offices in Italy, Germany, USA, India and Taiwan.

Since 1979, SECO has been designing and manufacturing from single microcomputers to integrated and “ready to use” systems serving a wide range of industrial sectors, from biomedicine to wellness, industrial automation to transportation, and with customers that are market leaders.

SECO collaborated with a broad network of strategic partner in the international high-tech panorama as well as with universities, research centers and innovative start-ups. The partnership with Huawei and OSTC has started in 2020 resulting in a collaboration to further OpenHarmony technology and ecosystem developments, as SECO is looking at leveraging OpenHarmony technology to provide a unified experience and software stack across its product portfolio.

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Welcome to the OpenHarmony Project stand

OpenHarmony Project in 2021