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Mautic began with a single focus. Equality. The Mautic Community believes in giving every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organisation. Mautic is focused on helping this belief become a reality by getting powerful Open Source marketing automation software into the hands of everyone.

DB Hurley Founder, Mautic

When David Hurley (@dbhurley) began Mautic he had a big goal. A plan to move horizons, and change the world.

He foresaw Mautic as software made by the people and for the people and as such the community became a top priority and integral part.

Those people interested in becoming involved in a community with a vision to change the world should consider getting involved in Mautic. People are the priority. Equality is the goal.

What is Marketing Automation?

The concept of marketing automation is not new, and the general idea of automated marketing is one which most are familiar with, though the terminology may be different.

Here’s a very brief overview:

Marketing Automation is a platform for saving time, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

If you’re interested in learning more we have listed below some excellent resources available which give more background information to get you started.

You can also watch this video for a walk through of some features that Mautic offers.

Mautic @ FOSDEM

Come to our stand to meet the team behind Mautic and talk about marketing automation, open marketing, getting started with Mautic, developing and building integrations with Mautic and anything else you would like to chat about!

Our programme at FOSDEM:

  • Saturday

    • All Day: We are going to be available throughout the day to answer any questions and will be running a series of live and pre-recorded talks on a range of topics!
    • 1100-1200: 🇬🇧 Norman Pracht - why and how agencies should use marketing automation
    • 1300-1400: 🇬🇧 Dries Buytaert - Built to Last: Growing Sustainable Open Source Communities
    • 1400-1500: 🇬🇧 Steve Robinson - Maximizing Evergreen Content with Mautic
    • 1600-1700: 🇩🇪 Florian Wessels, Leon-Elias Oltmanns and Lamin Njie - Mautic und TYPO3 - Eine unsichtbare Verbindung
    • 1800-1900: 🇩🇪 Ekke Guembel: Online + Offline = beste Erfolgsrate. Postkarten in Mautic-Kampagnen
  • Sunday

    • All Day: We are going to be available throughout the day to answer any questions and will be running a series of live and pre-recorded talks on a range of topics!
    • 1100-1200: 🇬🇧 József Keller - Be a Better Emailer
    • 1300-1400: 🇬🇧 Dominique De Cooman - Creating personalised digital experiences with Mautic
    • 1600-1700: 🇬🇧 Prateek Jain and Mohit Aghera - Building Personalised Chatbots With Mautic
    • 1800-1900: 🇬🇧 Lakshmi Narasimhan Parthasarathy & Jordan Ryan - High Availability Mautic

This is how you can help us grow:

Welcome to the Mautic stand

Mautic in 2021

Since FOSDEM 2020 Mautic managed to:
  • Run our first in-person community summit at Contribution Day following DrupalCon Amsterdam 2020,
  • Implement a governance model and build a structure of community-led teams who are driving the product and community forward,
  • Held our first online sprint with over 60 registrations and 40+ people making contributions including development, testing, documentation and marketing,
  • Released our first major version in 2+ years - Mautic 3.0 - updating to support Symfony 3 and overhauling the codebase, with over 4,000 files being touches in the process - the biggest update in Mautic's lifetime!
  • Welcomed Ruth Cheesley as full-time Project Lead and introduced a time-based release cadence alongside several other significant improvements,
  • Supported two Google Season of Docs projects,
  • Held our first ever world conference with over 300 registrations, six tracks running simultaneously throughout the day, 17 sponsors, 51 speakers and 65 sessions across seven languages!
  • Raised over $16,000 through our Open Collective and Github Sponsors!