Welcome to the Kopano stand!

Kopano is an open source communication stack providing e-mail, online videoconferencing, file sharing, messaging, and much more.

Kopano @ FOSDEM

Do you have your own domain, and do you also want a complete communication stack providing e-mail, online videoconferencing, file sharing, and more?

Kopano provides a 100% open-source software communication stack that allows you to maintain in control of your data, while also providing easy-to-use clients:

  • Kopano Webapp for your browser
  • Kopano Deskapp for your desktop
  • Z-Push for native integration on your phone
  • Kopano Meet for video meetings

So, if you're running an e-mail server for your family, or if you want a high-grade video meeting application for your organization, and for everything in-between,

Come visit the Kopano Stand Chatroom for more information!

Groupware Core

Groupware Core provides Kopano's traditional groupware functionalities: Email, Calendaring, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. Groupware Core is 100% MAPI compatible and provides must-have features such as ACLs, meeting requests, and advanced calendaring.


Meet is our new videoconferencing solution, directly accessible from any browser, using adaptive UX to match any environment you work in.

  • Secure peer to peer communication
  • No app installation(s) required (not even for screen sharing)
  • Switch devices during a call without dropping out

Webapp is our lightning fast web-client for sending email, calendaring, (video) chat, file sharing and more. You can access your projects and files online from any major browser, no plug-ins required.

  • Real-time communication, collaboration & document editing in one interface
  • Set up instant video conferences
  • Share files or send a quick direct message
Kopano Documents

Kopano Documents connects to existing network storage, smart storage like nextCloud, ownCloud and Seafile and cloud-based storage solutions. This means you can store your files the way you like best and easily share them with people within or outside your organization.

Welcome to the Kopano stand

Kopano in 2021

We have extended the features of our Kopano Meet

  • Improved interface
  • Easy to use invitations
  • Videoconferencing; when peer to peer is not enough a central server now takes over (without compromising on privacy or security)
  • Upcoming: Chat in meet Kopano Groupware Core 9
  • A new major release for our backend with many improvements Kopano One was launched
  • The complete Kopano Groupware stack in a single repository