Welcome to the Kiwi TCMS stand!

Kiwi TCMS is the leading open source test management system for both manual & automated testing. It has been made by testers and licensed under GPLv2. Our mission is to transform the testing process by making it more organized, transparent & accountable for everyone on your team. Kiwi TCMS is used during software testing and quality assurance to collect information about what, when and how has been tested. This information is later used when making a go/no-go decision before a release, monitoring and planning the workload of the QA team or answering questions like "How did we test this?" and "Why didn't we catch this bug before?"! 400k downloads from Docker Hub


Come to our stand to meet the team behind Kiwi TCMS and talk about testing, automation, software release management and anything in between!

Our programme at FOSDEM:
  • Saturday
    • entire day: We're jointly running the Testing and Automation devroom with Linaro and SUSE. Responses may be delayed but we will reply!
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 - 18:00: Available to answer your questions (chat & video)
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Welcome to the Kiwi TCMS stand

Kiwi TCMS in 2021

Since FOSDEM 2020 Kiwi TCMS managed to: