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Jenkins is the leading open-source automation server supported by a large and growing community of developers, testers, designers, and other people interested in continuous integration, continuous delivery, and modern software delivery practices. Our motto is "Build great things at any scale". Built on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), it provides more than 1,500 plugins that extend Jenkins to automate with practically any technology software delivery teams use. In 2020, Jenkins surpassed 250,000 known installations making it the most widely deployed automation server.

Jenkins @ FOSDEM

Jenkins offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration or continuous delivery (CI/CD) environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories using pipelines, as well as automating other routine development tasks.

Jenkins in 2021

Over the past year, the vibrant Jenkins community brought many improvements to the project, including security, stability, and project governance. Below are some highlights. Read the detailed report HERE:

  • New public roadmap
  • A refresh of Jenkins user interface (example)
  • Running Jenkins fully configured as code
  • Running Jenkins on Kubernetes which is an improvement to the "Jenkins Kubernetes operator" and the Kubernetes plugin.
  • Jenkinsfile Runner - portableJenkins pipeline execution engine.
  • Graduation in the Continuous Delivery Foundation

Significant improvements have been made around services, to provide to the Jenkins community the right information to manage their plugins.

  • The service 'plugins.jenkins.io' provides useful information about plugins.
  • The Jenkins update center now provides additional information like "is the plugin affected by a security issue? or up for adoption?"

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Jenkins Needs You