Getting Started with FreeBSD

As part of the FreeBSD Foundation’s education initiative, we’ve worked with community members and new recruits to develop guides that make getting started with FreeBSD a straight forward process. More Information can be found on the FreeBSD Resources page.

FreeBSD Installation Guides:

Installing FreeBSD with VirtualBox (Mac/Windows)

Installing FreeBSD as a Primary Operating System

Installing a Desktop Environment on FreeBSD

Installing FreeBSD for Raspberry Pi

Installing a Port on FreeBSD

FreeBSD Set-up Tips

Video Guides:

Installing FreeBSD with VirtualBox (Mac/Windows)

Easy Minecraft Server on FreeBSD

New Projects and How-tos:

Easy Minecraft Server on FreeBSD

Building a Physical FreeBSD Build Status Dashboard

Test NVDIMM functionality on FreeBSD with QEMU

FreeBSD UEFI Secure Boot

Bulk Port Management with Poudriere

Contributing FreeBSD Documentation

How to Submit a Bug Report


FreeBSD Fridays - Series of 1 hour introductory talks on FreeBSD-related topics.

FreeBSD Office Hours - Q&A with members of the FreeBSD Community. Topics include general Q&A sessions, Town Hall meetings with the FreeBSD Core Team, Bhyve, and more.