Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Roadworks near ULB Solbosch

Like last year, there are roadworks on Av Buyl near the ULB Solbosch campus. This affects travellers coming by car or public transport.

By car

Please be aware that the entrance to the campus on Av Buyl is completely blocked due to roadworks: the only access to and from the parking is via Av Roosevelt. Also note that this means the narrow and steep ramp is now two-way traffic so be very careful, especially in bad weather.

Public transport

Like last year, buses and trams will avoid Av Buyl. When coming by tram line 25 or 94 you can switch to a replacement bus service at Legrand or at Cambre-√Čtoile. This T-bus will stop at ULB on Av Roosevelt.

Using bus line 71, you can walk to the ULB from the stop at Buyl or at Cimetière d'Ixelles, while bus 72 will still stop near the ULB (via a detour).

Shuttle buses

The free shuttle buses, taking visitors from FOSDEM to the Brussels South (Midi) railway station on Sunday evening, will depart from Av Roosevelt this year. The location will be clearly indicated.

For more information see our transportation page.