Brussels / 30 & 31 January 2016


Join your fellow hackers for a drink at the eve of FOSDEM!

Looking for something to do the evening before FOSDEM?

Like every year, many FOSDEM attendees are planning to enjoy some beers at the Delirium Café, in a beautiful alley near the Grand Place in Brussels. We have reserved most of the bar (most of the alley in fact!) again this year.

Come and join us at the eve of FOSDEM, on Friday the 29th of January. You are welcome as of 16h00.

Read the beer event page for all the details!

If the beer event is very busy or if you would like dinner before heading over (Delirium Café does not serve food), a number of other events are on. Check fosdem@ mailing list for more announcements.

Alternatively there are plenty of local restaurants within ten minutes walk of the Delirium—you can't miss them! There are plenty of rating sites to help you choose and avoid being disappointed.

See you there!

PS: Drink wisely. Belgian beers are stronger than you might be used to. :-)