FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


Speaker: Joe Darcy

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Small Language Changes Free Java Saturday AW1.125 14:15 00:30
The state of OpenJDK & OpenJDK6 Free Java Saturday AW1.125 13:15 00:30

Joe Darcy

For OpenJDK 6, Joe has worked as Sun's release manager, lead engineer, and quality lead for the project. For JDK 7, he is leading the effort to incorporate a number of small language changes to the platform.

Previously, Joe served as the specification lead for JSR 269, which standardized the annotation processing functionality introduced earlier with the apt command and API.

He has also long reigned as "Java Floating-Point Czar," dispatching numerical issues related to the specification and implementation.